An Epic Opera performed and conceived by

Sara Ceruti, Berk Duygun, Daniele Formica, Hanna Ijas, Shani Leseman, Brigitte Louter, Julia Olaussen, Valter Palaps, Salome Pegler, Kristel Rigaud, Merel Van Erpers Rooijaards, Emilie Ruitinga, Leonie Schneider, Jan Steenman

And a special appearance by singer Maria Warenberg

With support & guidance of Toon Fibbe

The Shark's Pretty Teeth’ is a collaboration between Toon Fibbe, who contributes as a teacher, and the KABK, (Royal Academy of Art, The Hague). Fibbe introduced the world of Brecht and opera to the students of the Fine Art department, the last couple of months. In this periode they came together weekly, that led to this opera at Nieuwe Vide, performed on Friday the 9th of december.