As part of an exhibition in TENT several people were hired to walk with a big drum daily through the streets of Rotterdam. Everyday at exactly the same time a drummer would pass by the same streets houses and shops. The drummer was waved at by the shopkeeper and inhabitants and when the drummer was late he would be commented upon. The drum was reminiscent of the drum used by the now almost forgotten Rotterdam street musician Koperen Ko.

Koperen Ko became famous in Rotterdam in the 50's and 60's by busking in the streets of Rotterdam. He was adopted by the citizens as a symbol for the city because they thought of his act as unique and eccentric. Koperen Ko although famous, lived a life on the margins of society, in a position where on the one hand he was placed outside of the rotterdam society while on the other functioned as a symbol for it. Peculiar is that at the time there were multiple Koperen Ko's working across the Netherlands, carrying the same or similar names and drum. It turned out that there was a unconnected group of people all taking on the same role in different places across the Netherlands, all adopted by the people as 'their' eccentric belonging to that particular place.

Installation view at Teto Projects