The second of a collection of brain harvesting devices made during lockdowns. This is a quite elegant ‘excerebration device’ from ancient Egypt. It can be used for liquefying and removing the human brain by inserting this device through a hole punched into the ethmoid bone near the nose.
This way the body can be neatly preserved while the tissue of the brain is drained and liquified into a substance I imagine to be dark-red and ink like. Something that could perhaps be shaped and reshaped into language

As I was reading Capital is Dead by McKenzie Wark during lockdowns, making these brain harvesting devices became a way to play around with some the ideas in the book.

“ There really is something qualitatively distinct about the forces of production that eat brains, that produce and instrumentalize and control information. This is because information really does turn out to have strange ontological properties. Making information a force of production produces something of a conundrum within the commodity form. Information wants to be free but is everywhere in chains.”